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The Upcoming Fall Line-Up

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Happy Labor Day! Whether you are mourning the end of summer or celebrating the beginning of fall, today is generally a guidepost day that marks the change of season. At least where I am , the chilly temp has me thinking about fall and also planning the line-up for future blog posts throughout the next few months. Here is a glimpse of what is coming up.

September - The focus for September is influential albums. I could easily provide a list of the top 50 albums, or even 100 albums but here is the thing - everyone has different opinions of what those should be. I think it might be more interesting to provide some commentary on why various albums are influential. Some are the no-brainers such as (spoiler alert) Kind of Blue. But others that I am planning on spotlighting may not always get mentioned. September isn't designed to hit every possible album that has been influential, but recommend a few that are definitely worth listening to.

October - I want to take the time in October to highlight practice. Not so much the importance of it (yes- you should practice) but rather a serious of posts that breakdown the various parts of a good practice routine and delve into what kinds of things are worth including in daily practice. I find that sometimes musicians get bogged down in practice the wrong things while not focusing enough energy on the types of practice that really get at the heart of self-improvement.

November - Transcription is the fundamental activity of a jazz musician. November will dissect the process of transcribing and walk through a transcription together via blog. I have never down that before. I suppose in a post-covid world we would call that a virtual group transcription. Posts along this serious will go through short phrases.

Stay tuned this fall. Invite your friends to subscribe so they get the updates on posts. And, if you are so inclined become a member for access to tons of jazz resources and lessons!

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