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A Jazz Thanksgiving

There is always jazz for every Occassion. Below is some selected music for the thanksgiving holiday.

Vince Guaraldi - Thanksgiving Theme

Guaraldi's music may best be connected to the Peanut's TV specials from the 1950's and 60's. For me, those seasonal specials were as much a part of each holiday as any other tradition - and there is something timeless about Guaraldi's soundtrack.

Charlie Parker - Carving the Bird

Charlie Parker often named tunes as an after-thought. Many, play off of his storied nick-name, Bird. From Ornithology, Yardbird Suite, Chasin' the Bird - the list goes on. This one is perfect for a dinner party or as theme music when it is time to Carve up that Bird.

Thelonius Monk - Stuffy Turkey

Coleman Hawkins recorded a tune simply called Stuffy bearing a striking resemblance. The melody is the same, but his is more arranged. I am note sure what came first but I always found this Monk tune to be refreshingly different.

Oscar Peterson- Hymn to Freedom

Peterson's gem begins as a chorale before giving way to traditional trio jazz. This Melody is symbolic as much as it is literal. There are many things to be thankful for, and Oscar reminds us of that, but also cause us to reflect on the important work that still needs to be done.

Kenny Garrett - November 15

The only thing significant here is that the tune is titled after the date it was recorded. Still, I seem to make a point of playing some Kenny Garrett on the fifteenth of November each and every year.

Duke Ellington - Thanks for the Beautiful Land on the Delta

The range of Ellington's compositions is simply breathtaking. This is a movement from his New Orleans Suite and is a great representation of Ellington's output towards the latter part of his career.

Count Basie - Dinner With Friends

Nothing feels better than the Basie Band. This tune seems to have it all. While you really could pick any Basie for a playlist to enjoy with Friends the title alone makes this a good fit for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thelonious Monk - This is My Story, This is My Song

Okay, so the first time this tune ever popped up, I had to double take so see who was playing piano. I couldn't believe it was Monk. Here, Monk steps away from his more abstract jagged style and plays something that is far more chorale-like in nature.

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