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Here at captialjazz our goal is to help as possible find lifelong enjoying in jazz. Whether we realize it our not, jazz profoundly effects our daily life and our musical enjoyment in many  ways.  It doesn't matter if you want to improve your listening experience, your knowledge of jazz history, or become a member and take advantage of our virtual lesson tutorials and live masterclasses.

In order to help us accomplish this, we have provided a variety of resources ranging from our Capital Jazz blog, our free resources to our exculsive members only jazz lesson program.  \


To provide jazz students with the proven lessons, materials and other resources to become inspired, confident, and well informed jazz musicians.


We will establish as the premier online jazz training resource worldwide, successfully strengthening the relationships of musicians while also maintaining a strong connection to the time-honored tradition of jazz music. 

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that anyone can learn to become a great jazz musician.  There was a time when people thought you either had it or you didn't. That time has long passed.  We know that becoming a great musician is almost entire related to practicing and developing skills.  Our goal is to provide the inspiration and the resources to keep the practicing going. There are ways to develop as a jazz musician and we are ready to share those strategies and help everyone improve.  It takes work, but anyone can develop the skills needed to improvise and make music.  

Our exclusive Membership begins with teaching beginning improvisation on the blues, teaching bebop language and then increasing musicians repertoire to improvise on many jazz standards.  We approach jazz improvisation like learning a language and provide members with standard licks, phrases, and formulas used by jazz musicians. Ultimately the practice is up to you!  But we hope that we make the process towards improvement easy, and the end goal attainable.

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